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Kathryn Lillyston | Trish Grice

KathrynKathryn Lillyston

Personal Trainer/Group Trainer/Parkinson’s Disease Trainer/Massage Therapist

After embarking on my own personal gym program with a friend in my early twenties, I found my passion for fitness and betterment of the body, I was frustrated with the industry standard of Fitness professionals at the time, and decided to learn more to be able to help others to achieve their goals SAFELY and productively.

In 2002 I began my studies towards a Diploma in Exercise Science, and am qualified to provide exercise programs for individuals and groups. My papers included special populations specifically rehab based programs, and massage therapy. I have since completed more papers in cardiac rehab, general rehab and hold a current first aid certificate.

I provide work place fitness programs and individual gym competency assessments for workplaces that provide gym facilities to their staff.

I bought the B Active business in 2005 with a mind to provide professional, intelligent, logical, measureable and enjoyable programs that work and enable the client to reach their goals despite any injuries and or limitations that they are working around.

I have a particular passion for working with clients in the age range of 45–85, and have a keen interest in working with Parkinson’s Disease clients.

With around 15 years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry, I can offer Programs for:

  • Effective Weight Training
  • Group training
  • Massage therapy
  • Injury Rehab
  • Parkinson’s Disease Rehab
  • Workplace Fitness design and programs
  • Take home programs whether it be gym based or body weight programs.

I am extremely passionate about being involved in improving client’s fitness and health. I thoroughly enjoy researching new ways to create the best program possible to ensure each client’s needs and goals are met.  I always develop programs based on ability rather than age.