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Maximising your full potential

So why chose this service?

Well, how many people do you know that have weights or equipment at home?

And out of those, how many actually use them?

And if you were to use them at home, are you sure you are adopting the correct technique?

And what happens when you get tired? Do you do those last few sets, or tell yourself itís been a long day and youíll just work a bit harder on your next workout?

Often we think itís much cheaper to buy this gear and use them at home, however price is irrelevant if you wonít use them, there is a HUGE difference between cost and worth.


This is where a Personal Trainer comes in. Our trainers are very skilled at determining whether you have the energy for a few more reps, sets, and weight increases. They are also appointment based, so you commit to the workout when you have a session with us. You WILL do that last set. If you can lift more and itís appropriate, we WILL ensure you do this. If we think you can go faster you WILL go faster, procrastinations are out the window during a session with us.

You will work to your full potential and you will get WORTH out of every session.

Thatís not at all to say we expect you to lift 100kilo weights on your first session, you may only be able to lift 2kilos, and thatís absolutely fine, but with us backing you, you WILL progress, be it with your strength, your speed, your balance, your self-worth, your confidence, you WILL get better. During every session we listen to you and observe your level of exertion and cater accordingly.

Personal Training is all about us designing a specific-to-you program that we help you work through each time you are with us.

This is the most specific, targeted and personalised-to-you training program we offer.

Available in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.