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People With Parkinsons Disease PWP

Fitness with Parkinson'sAt BActive we are very passionate about helping people with Parkinsons (PWP) disease. Both trainers have worked for many years with a number of PWP and have had fantastic results.

We are convinced that exercise is “the other medicine” to controlling and improving the symptoms felt by PWP.

Training for Parkinsons disease requires specific targeted exercises and techniques, and over the last 24 months we have developed such programs and are getting amazing results with the one on one program we offer.

Click here to read James’ and Sonal’s Stories.

B Active has been actively involved with the newly established charitable trust called Live Life Well developing and moderating the exercise programs for their clients with Neurological conditions specialising in Parkinsons disease.

The sole purpose of the Trust is to raise funds to cover fees of those who need the specific training but cannot afford the fees for such a specialised service. If you fit in this category, please contact the trust via this link to find out whether or not you are eligible for help with your gym fees and for more information on the trusts activities.

Download the Parkies Class Timetable here


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