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People With Parkinsons Disease (PWP)

Fitness with Parkinson'sGosh that sounds ominous doesn’t it!
Ok so it’s not the best news you’ve had all year, but it is what it is and luckily, we know just the exercises to help! Training to improve your condition requires a very specific set of exercise genres.
For the last 5 years I have worked with PWP and their improvements have been amazing:-)
Let me explain the 7 specific genres of PD exercises:

  1. Gait: This is the walking stuff, you know that shuffle you see some PWPs afflicted with, I work on exercises to help lengthen the stride and work on the confidence needed to feel comfortable taking those strides.
  2. Posture: Parkies seems to be obsessed with making PWP hunch over, this also helps to aid the aforementioned shuffle. I work a lot with postural righting exercises to help improve your posture and to slow this process down.
  3. Flexibility: Muscles and joints all suffer from stiffness where PD is concerned, so I incorporate lots of stretchy stuff into each workout.
  4. Balance:  Falls are common with Parkies, so let’s work on strengthening your balance so it doesn’t happen!
  5. Strength: Particularly the ability to be able to pick yourself up after a fall, this improves your independence so you feel confident being able to go out unaided where possible.
  6. Forced exercise (KPA) & Coordination:  The premise of the slowness you feel is due to the body’s inability to make all the necessary connections in the brain to make movement possible.  As a PWP you have access to less variety of movement than non PD sufferers.   In a nutshell, your brain does not allow you to move X Y and Z to sip a cuppa for example you may only connect X and Z, missing Y entirely.  The idea behind this tricky genre called Forced exercise which I like to call KPA (short for Kick Parkies A….) is that you confuse the brain in a different way, pushing it to make new connections, potentially finding the Y again and ultimately improving your motor skills. 
  7. Voice/Face: a tricky one, not really a spectator sport at all, but it is something you should consider, I’m more likely to get you to do homework than watch you make silly faces in front of me, however, silly faces, or rather exaggerated faces are what you need to practice consistently to overcome that “deadpan” face often associated with Parkies. Voice as well as you tend to speak quieter and faster than before so much so that communication with loved ones can be difficult….I will most likely get you to do some voice exercises, ie reciting the alphabet and other fun stuff during your workouts (yes, multitasking) to help slow this process down.

As they say Parkies is a designer disease, no two people have the same afflictions, many don’t even have a tremor! One one One training works best as a program can be tailored to address your specific concerns.  You are most welcome to bring in a support person with you if you are worried about falls etc, however, I dare say I am a relatively good catch though:-)

Click on these testimonials if you want to read some PWP’s stories through their words.

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