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People With Parkinson's — PWP

James Nicollejames training

I came to BActive when I was diagnosed with Early onset Parkinson's disease in 2013. Exercise is good for Parkinson's and I had not exercised in years. I was early 50s and liked the idea of one on one PT sessions in a private gym. This was the beginning of what has been an amazing journey.

Kathryn took the time to research exercise for Parkinson's Disease before accepting me as a client. We began one on one sessions and I began an awesome journey. Over 18mths my symptoms have significantly improved, I am able to move better than I have been in years and I am doing things I would never have dreamed possible.

In December 2014 I had never run anywhere, on Feb 22 2015 I ran the Round the Bays 6.5km fun run, this is one of the many achievements I have made under Kathryn's guidance. Kathryn really cares about the people she trains and it shows. At the Round the Bays after 53 minutes as I ran toward the finish line Kathryn was there cheering and yelling for me to go faster. She is always available via text or email to answer any question or query you may have.

I would sum up by saying if you commit to Kathryn as a trainer she commits to you 110%. Training sessions are challenging but varied and fun. It's hard to get a recommendation from me; I set the bar high as to what I expect when I am paying for a service. I have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn's services: If you're committed you will see amazing results and begin doing things you never dreamed possible. Great service, good facilities, expert knowledge, understanding personality and a great sense of humour, that's Kathryn — she will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone to achieve the goals you seek. Take the time to talk to her, if you're committed it will change your life."

Sonal Patel

Mr PatelMy father who is 80 years old and has Parkinson’s, after an overseas trip came back to New Zealand markedly deteriorated. The GP suggested that physiotherapy would be of benefit. He was attending physio classes when we saw an article in the Hutt News regarding Kathryn and management for Parkinson’s disease.

Kathryn Lillyston had an article on reprogramming the brain and management of Parkinson’s with forced and active exercise.

We went along to Kathryn's B Active studio where she assessed dad and felt she could help. Dad started training with Kathryn since February 2015 and we have noticed a marked improvement in his symptoms and coordination ability since attending one to one training with Kathryn. I feel it has kept him independent, mobile and strong.

He was having trouble walking up a flight of stairs and even standing up and sitting down was very difficult. Balance and walking even short distances were a struggle. Now he is able to do these things confidently.

Kathryn is very personable and caring. My father is hard of hearing but she is very patient with him. He is very happy with her and he is always willing to push hard and keep up with her regime. He is always looking forward to training and the new challenges she sets for him.

Kathryn is very compassionate and very knowledgeable and always greets us with a smile.

We would thoroughly recommend Kathryn as a Personal Trainer to anyone who requires these services.

We especially recommend Kathryn to those with Parkinson’s as we feel her contribution has been life changing for Dad and he has a quality of life he would not have had if it wasn’t for Kathryn.