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PTF Studio Classes

Our group classes are called Personal Training with Friends (PTF), this is all about social interaction, safety and external motivation from our qualified trainers. 

With 9 different genres to choose from, the classes incorporate components of cardio, weights, balance and core. With a maximum of 6 per class, your trainer has the time and ability to watch over you and alter the exercises to suit you better when and if the need arises, and to push you if this is what you have asked us for.  A more specific to you session as your trainer will get to know you and how far they can push and progress you during these classes.

Group class

Many of our customers use these classes as a maintenance program who are happy to take a slower and quieter approach to fitness in a non threatening environment; beginners and the advanced alike can work together in this structure as some may run, some may slow walk, and that decision is made with your trainer during your initial consult.

Please note: Our classes are not Aerobics classes, they are gym classes, using the weights machines, bikes, treadmills and Swiss balls etc.

No coordination is required for our classes :-)

Download the current PTF schedule here.

Class Descriptions

  • Swiss Ball: This is a class committed to balance and stability, most if not all of the exercises are performed using a Swiss ball in many different ways. Swiss ball work is ideal for engaging your core and pelvic floor muscles.  Very few if any, weights are involved in this class
  • Weights: A 9 exercise, full body, go at your own pace workout.  A timer is set for between 2 ½ and 3 minutes, where in that time, you stay on the same exercise while your trainer circulates the group making small tweaks where necessary, and watches you perform 12-15 repetitions of the exercise usually for 3-4 sets of each, before moving on to the next one. You have every opportunity to increase your weights as you see possible after each set. A great strength class for both beginners and the advanced exerciser
  • Cardio: This is all about getting sweaty! We have a few cardio genres to choose from and we decide this based on who we have in the class at the time. You may run, you may jog, you may run up and down the stairs like in the rocky movie, you may bike  or you may even get to box with a partner, I really can’t say too much, it would ruin the surprise!
    But I can say you will be encouraged to push yourself (within your own limits of course, as everyone has different levels of fitness) A very empowering class where you get to kick your own butt and feel amazing for it!
  • Studio circuit: A great beginner weights class. Basically a round robin of all the gym equipment. A great way to get to try all the pieces we have here. We do 2 sets of 50 seconds, and in each 50 seconds, you do what you can. A great working and talking class as we do the timing for you
  • BATTs: (butts, abs, thighs, triceps): The ultimate girly class! Working all on the major problem areas: the backs of the arms, the derrière, thighs and tummy. Slightly arduous but fully worth it!
  • Posture: Essentially a back class: Working on all the muscles involved in promoting strong posture, with an element of spine flexibility also. Great for office workers who tend to stay hunched over a desk for prolonged periods of time.
  • Body weight: Self explanatory. No weights, just you. Squats, press ups, get-ups, dips, sit ups, lunges, leg curls…..gosh I’ve said too much already……
  • Box: The emphasis here is on cardio fitness, no argy-bargy here. We pair you up with similarly “fit” partners and you take turns hitting pads that your partner is holding, and then swapping so the hitter becomes the hittEE….amidst other body weight exercises of course. We do have a bag as well that we may chose to pair you up with instead if you are either super UNfit and need more rests, or if you’re super duper really FIT, and we’re worried you might pull a Mike Tyson hurricane on an ill prepared box “partner”.
  • Stretch: Not to be confused with either a Pilates or Yoga class. No whale or babbling brook music here, simply a relaxing full body stretch class, with easy listening music and, as usual a good chat as we passively stretch out tight muscles using bands and posture noodles where needed. For all fitness abilities where you will learn the difference between a “release” and a “stretch”.