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PTF Studio Classes

Our group classes are called Personal Training with Friends (PTF), this means these classes are run with the same people doing the whole block, that way not only do you get the social aspect, true to the B Active nature, within these classes you also get more of a specific-to-you session, i.e. your trainer will get to know you and how far they can push and progress you during these classes.

Group class

These are generic in the sense that we cover all bases, and the classes incorporate components of cardio, weights, balance and core. With a maximum of 6 per class, your trainer has the time and ability to be able to watch over you and alter the exercises to suit you better when and if the need arises, and to push you if this is what you have asked us for.

A lot of our customers use these classes as a maintenance program who are happy to take a slower and quieter approach to fitness in a non threatening environment; beginners and the advanced alike can work together in this structure as some may run, some may slow walk, and that decision is made with your trainer during your initial consult.

Please note: Our classes are not Aerobics classes, they are gym classes, using the weights machines, bikes, treadmills and Swiss balls etc.

No coordination is required for our classes :-)

Download the current PTF schedule here.