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You Set Your Goals

First of all itís important we find out what your goals are, what bought you to us in the first place. Was it a word from your doctor? Are you lacking energy or feeling low? Do you have injuries you need to work around but are apprehensive about starting a program lest you aggravate them? Are you needing to lose weight for some purpose, is it a summer holiday you are planning?

Only when we find out what your needs are can we develop a program that will help you to achieve this, so our first meeting will be a free no obligation consultation.

Start up interview

Depending on how this flows, we may decide itís appropriate to play around with a few ideas/exercises in the studio as well, so at the time of this consult, if you have already decided you want to get started with us, bring your workout clothes along with you.

Our trainers are very skilled at assessment and can get a lot of information about you by the way you move and respond to certain exercises. As well as the exercise regime you are looking to embark on, our trainers will also be on the lookout for underlying mechanical movement patterns that if addressed may prevent injury and these will be pointed out to you at the time and encouraged to be used and included in your personal exercise regime we end up developing.