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New Procedures at BActive Studio
while under Covid-19 Alert Level 2


  • Firstly, note the changing room will be closed, please arrive ready to go in your gym gear. When you arrive please wait until I text you to come in.
  • Upon entering, please use hand sanitiser, located at the bottom of the stairs
  • Before entering the studio, you’ll need to write your contact details in the Contact Tracing Book located on the landing (you’ll need to do this EACH TIME YOU COME TO THE STUDIO) as follows:
                      (a) take a clean pen from the white container provided
                      (b) write your contact details in the Contact Tracing Book
                      (c) place the pen you have just used into the black container provided
  • You may now enter the studio


  • The studio will be sectioned off into 5 zones (1 through 5), 2 meters apart
  • ZONE1 exercises to be completed before going into ZONE2,  ZONE2 before ZONE3, etc etc
  • Upon completing the exercises in each zone, use wipes/sprays on each piece of equipment

I have moved 2 bikes into the waiting area to maintain distancing between machines, but they are still available for use.

ZONES 1-5:

  • Leg extensions, leg curls, lat pulldowns, black cables, roman chair, stepper
  • A bit of a zero-zone equipment wise so I suggest this is the ab floor exercise zone
  • Dumbbells and boxing gear
  • White cables
  • Window wall – aka leg press, smith machine, bikes rower, treadmills

PTF classes

You’ll be assigned one ball and one mat and one cardio piece to use, stick with your assignments, and when it comes to the weights, use the zone method mentioned above.


  • Although we are taking bookings as normal, I realise this is far from “business as normal”.
    So if you feel these are too restrictive for you, please keep your subs on hold until we reach a less restrictive level (hopefully that’s level 1).
  • These zones are for your own safety: I can only keep you safe if I keep you the appropriate distance apart. It’s better to be overly cautious, as no one wants to go back into lockdown.