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Kathryn Lillyston | Trish Grice | Bichon


Customer Services/Security Detail/Part time D.D.O (Dietary Disposal Officer)

Bichon has been with the team the longest, in fact he was our youngest recruit starting his career at just 7 years of age.

He’s always been into fitness, loves the outdoors, and the indoors too actually, his favourite exercise is ball throws and least favourite is stair climbs.

After a mini stroke in December 2019, he has been working towards rehabilitation and is slowly getting his balance and bearings back, and as such he is taking a few steps back from his studio roles, he’s still very much into his customer services and DDO roles, but has slowed down the security detail just while he recovers.

He can definitely sympathise with those rehabilitating from such injuries/episodes and knows first-hand how important exercise is on the road to recovery.

He has incorporated balance and coordination into his weights routines and has adjusted his cardio from long walks to many short walks, and is well known for exercising in short bouts morning noon and night.